Verner Farms has been growing hybrid Bermuda grass for nearly 50 years. It has been the basis for our forage program and has stood the test of time. Fields of Coastal Bermuda sprigged in the mid 1960's are still thriving today along with many newer varieties.

We received certified Tifton 44 sprigs in the mid 1970's and have sprigged thousands of acres in North Georgia. We planted some of the first Tifton 85 in north Georgia in the late 1990's and it is slowly gaining the popularity it deserves. We also received some of the first certified Russell Bermuda in north Georgia and have planted it extensively.

We have strived to provide the best and healthiest sprigs possible to our customers by keeping our nurseries inspected and certified by the Georgia Crop Improvement Association. Their rigorous inspection program helps us keep our fields clean and pure.

We use Bermuda King 4 row planters with 24 inch row spacing. Our sprigs are planted within 24 hours to ensure maximum livability. We encourage landowners considering sprigging to plan at least one year in advance. We are glad to assist landowners with preparing a schedule that fits their situation. The more planning you do in advance, the better your chances of getting a good stand. The varieties we currently offer are Tifton 44, Tifton 85 and Russell. We'd be glad to help you plan which variety best fits your needs.

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